YOUR repetitive processes. Automated.
Fast + simple + favorable.

Your Business Processes from an Automation Perspective

How about having someone take away what you and your employees do on your computers all the time?

Say hello to EMMA in person!

With EMMA digital assistant, automate processes and tests in minutes instead of days. Without code, with minimal effort. For lower process costs and more time for innovation. And while other RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions. mandatorily require the use of developers, you can empower any of your employees to digitize your processes. This way, your employees will become happy participants and supporters of the digitization journey, instead of being excluded from it. Contact us, enjoy a free RPA consultation and operate EMMA yourself....

So, who is EMMA?

EMMA is digitization that can be experienced. It enables automated end-to-end process and test automation of any system and software on any device. EMMA is available in 2 variants: 1.) The PC EMMA, an RPA software robot solution that can operate all your systems on the PC. 2.) EMMA as a physical robot with machine vision and kinematics that also operates touch devices, cockpits, vending machines and other devices.

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